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HP printers provide service over the vast network. Envy printers are the premium printers from the Hp products. An extraordinary design of the envy models also provides the attracting glances of the admiration all over. It has the traces of the piano black color and stylish curves and edges. The envy printers have the automatic paper tray which is really intelligent and settles back when not used. Envy printers also perform more than incredibly than its stunning design.

The envy printer’s strength depends in producing the vigorous and sharp border less photos allied to a lab quality print at breathe taking low cost. This Envy all-in-one printer can print photos, document, e-mail, web pages and creative projects in laser-like quality at awesome speed. The multi-functioning printer comes with the central 2.2” touch screen LCD display. It avoids manual feeding of papers by providing automatic feeder loading up to 25-sheets. The display is a touch screen LCD which helps in switching between Print, Scan, and Fax options easily.

Now you can use your printer using our Wi-Fi direct connection. The HP envy printer series provides you such facility. Now you can connect your printer to your computer or any other devices which is in the same network. You can access your printer just by using your printer software in your computer and by getting your computer connected to the printer using a Wi-Fi direct connection. This can help you to print your documents from anywhere in your home or at your office place.

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The network capabilities of HP Printers still support Printing from a Mobile device that does not possess Wi-Fi Direct. The mobile device without a Wi-Fi can still be connected to HP’s Wi-Fi Direct but cannot be simultaneously connected to a parallel regional network or the Internet. Ensure the Print Documents or photos are already in the internal storage of your mobile device. Follow this series of instructions to accomplish it. Switch on Your Printer. Turn on Wi-Fi Direct by touching the Wi-Fi Direct Icon or Button on Printer’s control panel. For Printers lacking an inbuilt control panel, an Information button comes or a Resume Button can be pressed to fetch Wi-Fi Direct Name and Password.

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What is an eprint?

The eprint provides you an entity to print your photos, documents virtually across the world just by getting connected to the internet.  This can be done by assuming an email ID for your printer. If you assume an email id for your printer then it becomes easy to print your documents directly from any of your device. In order to print a file or a document then you can just select the document that you wanted to print and send the mail to your printer using the email ID that is assumed to your printer.

How to print on both sides?

Using the software click the print button. Select your printer that is connected. Select the properties dialog box. Select the exact option, Select the portrait or landscape from the layout tab. Select the paper quality and print quality from the MEDIA drop down box. Select the appropriate paper size using the advanced option. Click OK to print.

How to print photos from a memory card?

Insert the memory card in the slot. To display the photo menu click Photo from the Home screen. Click View & Print from the Photo menu. Select the photo you wanted to print. Select the number of copies that you wanted to print using the up or down arrows. To edit the selected photos use Edit option with which you can rotate, crop or turn photo fix ON and OFF. Touch done when you’re done with the editing. Select print to print the photos.

Devices that can connect?

You can connect your smart phone mobiles or your iPods or any other personal devices to your printer using a wireless router. All you need to do is just connect your system or your device using your printer software to your wireless router. Then connect your printer to the router of the same network in which your computer or the other device is connected with. Then you can share the documents to your printer through your wireless router and print them using your printer. The required operating system that your computer should have is windows updates version that supports the printer software. And in case of your mobile device the version that you’re mobile should have is android version.

How to print with HP wireless direct?

You can get your documents printed from your computer, smart phone or tablet or any other device using the wireless HP wireless direct. Follow the guidelines; the necessary software should be available in your device. Your HP wireless directs should be turned ON.HP wireless direct connection supports up to five devices. You can use your HP wireless direct even when your computer is directly connected to the printer through USB. You cannot connect any of your devices like computer, mobile or other devices to the internet using your HP wireless connect.

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